IIGL - Frequently Asked Questions:-
Call +44 (0) 333 577 0477 for further assistance

1. I wish to quote for a risk that falls outside of any IIGLOO product, what do I do?
Remember that our TailorMade.net sector caters for hundreds of different risk types that do not fit into our other products. Please call our Underwriting Department on 0333 577 0477 who will advise you accordingly.

2. What are my credit terms?
You are required to settle your account within 28 days. Your statement of account will be sent to you at the end of each month Failure to meet these credit terms will result in cancellation of the policy(s). For full details please email enquiries@iigl.co.uk

3. How can I settle my account?
Our prefered method of payment is via bank transfer. For more details please email enquiries@iigl.co.uk

4. How do I make a complaint?
In the event you wish to make a complaint follow our complaints procedure which is found on all quotations and policy schedules. Alternatively please email complaints@iigl.co.uk and we will do our utmost to resolve your problem.

5. How do I notify a claim?
For commercial business, there are two ways in which you can notify a claim:-

1) You can notify the claim online via IIGLOO. Simply retrieve your client’s policy, click on the Claim Notification icon and submit the claim.

2) Call our claims department directly on 0333 577 0477